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  • Welcome to The Harmonic Self

    In the Harmonic Self, we will be taking a deep dive into sound, silence, music, vibration, and stillness and experiencing how it impacts our lives on all our levels - physically, emotionally, mentally, unconsciously and spiritually. We will enter the dimensions of rhythm and harmony so we may live our lives in an expanded, refined and healthy way.

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      Please note that if you shared during the class, that we recommend that you do not replay your sharing since the Traveler has already worked with you to release the karma.

      In regards to re-watching your sharing with the facilitator/class, John Morton has shared “Essentially, this is a personal/10% decision for each person to decide. Generally, we are here and now. Going into the past including what happened in a sharing might be counter to what is present and in process for a person.”

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      Please take some time to become acquainted with the documents here before the class begins on Saturday morning to assist you in having the best experience possible during the Live class. 

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