If you are looking for information about PTS's new MSS Program in Transcendent Leadership, please go to our program web-site: www.transcendentleader.org

You may also contact us directly at trascendentleader@pts.org 

PTS is now accepting applications for the next cohort of transcendent leaders who will begin with orientation at the end of August 2021. We look forward to hearing from you. 

JM and LTY with the TL Cohort

Students newly accepted to the MSS Program in Transcendent Leadership: You will need a login account to this PTS Wisdom School site. You may have one from a previous PTS course, or we will send you the instructions to create a new account in PTS Wisdom. Once you have a PTS Wisdom account we will enroll you in all of the courses for the Transcendent Leadership Program. 

Here is where you will have access to our PTS Wisdom School experience for TL. This space is our virtual campus. There is a classroom space for each course in the program where faculty share coursework materials and students and faculty connect to engage in learning activities, spiritual attunement practices, creative discovery, and intimate discussions. There is a site for each Cohort (the group of students who take this journey together) where you can find recordings of our residencies, resources for the program journey, and online learning support. 

Come on in and explore! 

Looking forward with loving, Light, and grace! 

Transcendent Leadership Etc. Experience -- Cohort Site

This page houses the Transcendent Leadership Library, which is linked to all cohort sites and available to all enrolled students in Year One, Year Two, or the Etc. Experience.